Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hello 2014...

For us, 2013 ended quite nicely... we got to hold Maia and spend some time with family, what more could we ask for, right? It was a great ending to a great year! So now we're on to 2014!

Marcus is back in school and also back to his regular schedule of Taekwondo and Tuesday/Thursday hospital visits. For us that also means trying to get back to our regular schedule... no more sleeping in! Next up for us is the San Francisco Hot Chocolate Run on Sunday, January 12. I was planning on running the 15K but I'm now running the 5K. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't take the time to train properly... I know that I could probably still run it, even without training for it, but my body isn't ready yet and I don't really feel like going through a painful recovery! Not to mention my current weight and running pace is not where I want it to be! Plus, this is just the first of many runs planned for 2014, so running the 5K will be like a warm up! We're also all very excited to be running with our "Mighty Maia" shirts! I'm hoping for some decent weather, but then I remembered the run is in San Francisco! So I'm expecting a combination of fog and drizzle, with temps probably around 45 to 50 degrees. For those not able to participate in the run, don't worry, you can show your support by purchasing any of our Maia shirts... just click on the Mighty Maia Support Shirts tab, view the shirts, and order!

Marcus sharing his resolutions with Maia
Maia representing "West Side"

Maia began her 2014 just like she ended her 2013... with her fighting spirit! She continues taking baby steps in her recovery. Today her vent settings were lowered once again as the Drs. continue to slowly wean her off the ventilator. As of yesterday, Maia has also been weaned off of her pain meds, Ativan and methadone. She continues to be alert and active, sucking her fingers constantly when she's not sucking on her pacifier! Most of the nurses are surprised that she loves to suck, especially since she had the breathing tube in her mouth for so long. They said that most babies her age develop an aversion to anything that comes close to their mouth. But not Maia! It seems like she'll suck on anything! We let her suck on her right hand, which is her good hand. She's tried at times to suck on her left hand, but we'll quickly put a mitten on it, or the nurses will turn her to her right side, so she'll have easy access to her right hand. For about the past month, we've been waiting for the tips of Maia's middle and index fingers to come off! These black tips are the last of her injured finger tips. The others have already fallen off and the fingertips have healed nicely. These last 2 fingertips look like they're hanging on for dear life! I just hope when they come off, I won't be there! Witnessing one come off was enough trauma for me!

Today, Gordon went and got his tattoo done, by his longtime friend and brother from another mother, Abraham Ortega, at Death Before Dishonor in San Jose... a dedication to our baby girl, Marissa, who passed away on June 13, 2012. It says "Marissa Grace" and has the date 6-13-12, along with the Roman numerals MMDLXXX, which is 2580, the number of seconds that she lived. I would also like to one day get my own memorial tattoo of Marissa, but I haven't quite decided on a design or a place for the tattoo! So I'm really in no hurry to get one done since it's a permanent thing that I'll have to live with!

So 2014 is off to a good start for us!... there really isn't too much to complain about, and if there is, well, it's probably not that important anyway! I normally don't make any resolutions and if I do, it's not to make any! Regardless of what time or place we're at in life, we should always try to keep things simple, and just enjoy today.

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