Monday, December 30, 2013

Enjoying the Holidays...

Christmas this year was a little different, with Maia being in the hospital, but just as we've been doing, we adjusted our schedule around our daily visits with her. It's been over a week now since Maia had her trach tube put in and she's been doing well and has been discovering new things, like the taste of her fingers and mittens! Marcus has also been doing some new things himself like riding his new bike (without training wheels). So it's been an exciting Christmas for us and we're all looking forward to 2014!

Treats for Santa
Marcus and his red pillowcase!
At home, Christmas Eve was a very busy night for us. We attended the Midnight Mass, which actually ended at midnight, and put Marcus to bed as soon as we got back home. Marcus had already prepared some rice krispy treats and hot cocoa for Santa, along with his pic with Santa, "in case Santa didn't remember him." He also had a couple of his teddy bears on the table ready to greet him! We reminded him that Santa wouldn't come if he sees that he's still awake! So with Marcus asleep, we were all able to finish wrapping gifts. Our big gift to Marcus was a brand new bike. He'd been riding a balance bike (no pedals) for a few months now and felt he was more than ready to transition into a big boy bike. So Gordon put the bike together then hid it under a big wrapped box. He then wrapped his helmet and put it under the tree. So on Christmas morning, we all slept in until we heard Marcus' heavy footsteps going down the stairs and his loud voice yelling "it's Christmas, it's Christmas!" He excitedly opened everything and was happy to see he got pretty much everything he wanted and more! Santa got off easy this year since all Marcus asked for was the Crayola Melt & Mold Factory, construction paper, and a red pillow case! He received the Melt & Mold Factory from his Kris Kringle at our family party, so Santa must've been very happy too see that Marcus didn't ask for much! Just like her big brother, Maia didn't ask for much either... on her list were mainly some baby blankets, headbands, socks and shoes. She still can't wear clothes, so accessories are a must!... then we were off to see Maia for our Christmas visit!

Marcus' new bike

This is Marcus after the 3rd day of having his bike. Day 1- he picked it up and started riding, day 2- did a 3 mile ride, where I was trying to keep up the whole time. 

At the hospital, we've all been preparing for Christmas by decorating Maia's room and by having Marcus serenade everyone with his Christmas carols. The PCICU was decorated with the Candyland theme, and Maia's room was the Peppermint Forest. The hospital even had a day set aside for parents to help Santa go shopping for their kids, because Santa also stops by the hospital to give sick kids their presents too! It was actually a quiet Christmas day, as many kids that were able to go home, were discharged from the hospital and there were no scheduled surgeries or procedures, so there were only a few doctors and nurses working that day. Marcus kept them all entertained by singing Up on the Housetop, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and Peppermint Stick. Maia was wide awake and got kisses from all of us. She received many gifts from Santa, friends and family, and even some nurses too! Although we had to celebrate Christmas with her at the hospital, we made it as merry as possible!
Marcus and the nurses

Merry Christmas Maia!

This past Friday, Maia had her first trach tube change. They ended up not going up a size like they first thought they would, so her new tube is the same size as the old one. They will be changing out the tube every week, and changing her velcro neck ties daily. For the first seven days, they tied it very tightly to make sure the tube was secure. Now that she's past the initial first week, they can now loosen up the ties a little bit. The site of her trach tube was at first a little bloody, but has since started healing nicely. Maia can now move her head more and is slowly being weaned off of the pain meds again. We expected her to be more sleepy, but she's been very awake and active during our visits. She seems to be as alert as ever and has now started to crazily suck her fingers! She started out with a little "taste test" on Saturday and by nighttime, she didn't want her paci anymore and preferred to have her fingers in her mouth! She even sucks her fingers while sleeping! When she has her mittens on, she licks those too! She looked like a little kitten, licking her paws! Maia has also started what the doctors and nurses call "sprinting." They're her breathing exercises when she's not supported by the ventilator and when she has to initiate the breaths herself. She's been doing very well and seems to have no problems. For now she does them 3 times a day for about 30-45 minutes each time. I call them her little workouts! Since she's been very stable lately, the nurses have been suggesting that we hold her. We usually hesitate only because we're not sure how it will effect her... if she'll get mad, if her blood gases will look bad, etc... but today we gave it a try and she did really good! Maia was very calm and relaxed and enjoyed some people watching! I last held her in my arms sometime in October when she was tiny, and now she's a chubby 10 pounder! She turned 4 months old on December 29!! Our little girl has been through so much and she continues to amaze us! So we're definitely ending 2013 on a good note! God is good!
Yummy fingers!
Maia yawning and playing with her rattle

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