Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just Thankful

Another post by Daddy

On Thursday, Aimee, John's sister (family in a previous post that our 1st meeting we joined hands and prayed) dropped by the hospital to say hi to us. I am so glad it was on our days when we go in the afternoon and it all worked out and she was able to see Maia, and we were able to say bye to her before she went back on her Missionary to Papua New Guinea in two weeks. I really have a warm spot in my soul for her, she has devoted this time of her life to spread the word of God. To go to a place and not have the luxuries we have. One thing she told me is that her local store was a 1/2hr boat ride each way. A week or two ago (again don't quote us on time because we do live day by day with Maia and lose track) we received a hand written letter from her, yes hand written, not a card, not an email... it made it more meaningful.) Thank you Aimee, thank you for stopping by, thank you for the prayers, thank you for thinking of us and thank you for everything, Gordon, Rizza, Marcus, Marissa and Maia. God bless you on your journeys.

Marcus has been really involved with Maia and he wants to go everyday. When he is at Maia's temporary home, 1st thing he does is of course hand sanitize, then he climbs up on her crib and starts talking to her, sings to her and rubs his favorite spot on the right side of her belly. He will ask me to pick him so he can kiss her. It has not always been that easy. From time to time his "only child syndrome" was present. But with time, that ended and he is the most loving big brother to Maia. He even has a picture that he made in his room. --->> He prays for her to heal and to come home, at the same time he knows that she is in the best of care with all the staff at UCSF. He will sing, dance and walk around with the nurses from time to time and that is his way of saying thank you. We thank God that he has been able to deal with everything going on and is a very mature little adult, even know he is just a little kid.

Post Run

Morning after the Hot Chocolate Run, SF. This was my 1st 5K in over 10 years and I am ecstatic that I did it. I accomplished a run against many odds, bad back, sciatica, still recovering from broken ankle and leg, the cold, and getting up so darn early. My reasons for running besides getting out of a shape and getting into shape, was for Maia, and for the families that are from out of town and have had to stay at the Ronald McDonald House SF.  Many people that ran the race ran just to run and never had to experience or have talked to families that had to use their services. Such as the families that I mentioned before, John, the family from Afghanistan and Baby Miles and his family. The Ronald McDonald House is a non-profit that actually gives to the people and not to the CEO's. We see the little box every time were in the drive-thru and we never knew what they really did until we were at UCSF. Next time please drop your change in the box, it really does go to people that need a little help.

I do want to thank everyone for the donations, that have bought shirts, prayed, given us pats on the back, words of encouragement, everything that you all have done, for all the people that follow our adventure. Thank you for sharing our story on your Facebook, Instagram and all forms of social media. I want to thank you all including, my brother in-law Rommel, my wife Rizza and God for keeping me strong and positive.

We want to thank all our sponsors at the Hot Chocolate Run SF



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  1. You are welcome! I am so glad that I had a chance to see you guys and just thankful that our family got to meet yours. My whole family sends their love. Thank you for the awesome shirts - I LOVE them! Will keep following...


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