Sunday, September 1, 2013

Getting Ready For Surgery...

While in the NICU, big brother Marcus got to see Maia for the first time! He was so excited to dress up in his Dr. Marcus outfit and walk around the hospital! He was not intimidated by all the beeping instruments, wires and tubes. Instead, he constantly asked questions about everything, wanting to know how things worked and what they were for. The next thing we know, all the nurses are waiting to meet him!

Dr. Marcus "Ouchie Specialist"
Dr. Marcus checking out Maia

Dr. Marcus checking on his patient

Maia with her tape beard holding down the breathing tube

After a couple of days in the NICU, Maia is moved to the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, which is where she will spend most of her time before and after her surgery. Her first surgery is scheduled for Monday, September 2, which happens to be Labor Day. So for now we're just enjoying our time with her. She got her breathing tube removed so we got to see her face up close and personal for the first time... she's had a breathing tube since birth so we really haven't seen face yet until today! Maia also does not like the breathing tube at all. First it was taped down to her face "mustache style" and we noticed she would try to sneak her hand up and try to grab it, so the nurse had to keep tucking her hands by her side so she wouldn't mess with the tube! The day she had it removed and we came to see her, it was taped down even more onto her face with a "full beard" of tape! But that didn't seem to stop her because the tape on her cheeks were just hanging there after several of her attempts to take it off! She now needs another manicure because her fast growing nails are now all jagged from trying to remove the tape off her face! So she's a strong and feisty baby girl, a good sign going into surgery!

Maia staring into the camera
Maia, looking kind of pissed


I also got the bonus prize of getting to hold her for the first time... finally! She's still hooked up to tubes and wires so we couldn't go very far, but we rocked in the rocking chair together for a good hour or so... it was such a nice feeling! By the way, that thing on her forehead is an oxygen sensor. She didn't seem to mind having that on her face, not like the the breathing tube!

We also talked to the surgical assistant who will be helping out with Maia's surgery. After all the tests and echos, it turns out that Maia's diagnosis is actually a combination of both previous diagnosis. She has the Double Outlet Right Ventricle, the Coarctation of the Aorta, a VSD, and also Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome... her left ventricle is still too small to function on its own so Maia will have the 3 stage surgeries in the future to transform her heart into a single ventricle. So after going over the details of the surgery, including benefits and risks, and signing consent forms... surgery was all set for Monday morning. They told us to be there around 7:30am...

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