Friday, August 30, 2013

Introducing MAIA GRACE MEAD... The Birthday Girl!

Maia Grace Mead arrived early Thursday morning on August 29, 2013!! So much for Thursday night's induction! She just couldn't wait and was in such a hurry to enter this world! Thank you everyone for your constant support of prayers and kind words... we are feeling truly blessed!! =)

It all started Wednesday evening dinner time when I started having small and painless contractions. I really didn't pay too much attention to them since they were random but I did mention it to Gordon and my brothers, who all became paranoid and started asking me every few minutes if I had another one. At this time they were coming about every 30 to 45 minutes, but they all convinced me to start timing them and I ended up downloading one of those contraction apps on my phone, which came in really handy! After a few hours pass by, along with some more random contractions, they all start telling me to call and check to see if I should go to the hospital... I really didn't think it was time yet since they weren't increasing in pain or minutes, but I called Labor & Delivery anyway. The nurse suggested I wait until there was a pattern with the contractions, unless I was leaking blood or fluid, or couldn't take the pain anymore. I told her that I wanted to wait a little bit longer and maybe even try to go to sleep and see what happens in the morning! As soon as I get off the phone with the nurse, the contractions did start to hurt just a little bit and the next thing I know, there's a pattern of contractions coming about every 15 minutes! So I told Gordon that I was going to take a shower and fix myself up, just in case we have to go to the hospital! By the time I was done, the car was all loaded up and ready to go, so I decided not to wait any longer and we headed out to the hospital.

The ride to UCSF took us about 30 minutes and we arrived sometime after 1:30am. While on the way, I called the nurse again and let her know that we were on the way because I felt more comfortable if I were already there, rather than wait. So when we left the house, contractions were about 15 minutes apart, 45 sec long... by the time we arrived at the hospital, they were 5 minutes apart, 1 min long!!! Although the pain had increased, I still wouldn't have considered them painful. I was still able to walk to the ER, but they insisted I ride in a wheelchair, so I did. We made our way up to Labor & Delivery on the 15th floor where we were put in a triage room since there were no other rooms available at the time... we were told it's "baby season" meaning a lot of us were doing more than cuddling during the winter! So I changed into a gown and waited for the doctor to come and check me to see how far I was dilated. By this time the pain was starting to increase more and I had to control my breathing to get through them. The doctor checks me and says "oh wow, you're already 6-7cm!!" I was in shock!... all I managed to say was "WHAT?!!" Next thing I know, they're rushing me to the operating room to deliver the baby! 

I looked at the clock and it said 2:05am and there I am in the cold operating room on this super skinny bed and in walks Gordon... all suited up in his sterile uniform! He saw me on the skinny bed and jokingly asked what do they do for bigger girls and the nurse said they have "extensions!" She was serious too! I really tried to laugh but at this point I just closed my eyes and tried to breathe because the contractions seemed to come every 2 minutes! Every time I had a contraction I needed Gordon's hand for squeezing purposes and I didn't think I could take the pain... I even asked the nurse if I could have something for the pain, but I was rejected!!! It was too late... it was time to push!! They wanted me to wait because the doctor was also handling a c-section across the hall, but next thing I know, my body starts to push and I hear the nurse yell "get the doctor back here, she's crowning!" So then I push 2 more times and she's out!!... but I didn't hear a cry right away, instead there's a pause and the nurse says "time, 2:49am" and then I hear crying. I also hear the doctor say, "wow, that's really rare and lucky in some cultures." I had no idea what they were talking about... I was just so relieved I wasn't in pain anymore and I opened my eyes in time to catch a glimpse of Maia being taken away by the pediatrician. So then they tell me that Maia was born still inside the amniotic sac! My water never broke! That's why I heard a pause before she cried... she only started crying once the sac was broken! I was in awe at first, but then it all sounded kind of gross to me! Anyway, Gordon went back and forth between me and Maia, but she was brought into another room where she had her own team of doctors and nurses, so we waited patiently.

Gordon in his OR uniform
Drs and nurses working on Maia

We were really sad we didn't get the chance to hold her. But knowing that she was the priority, we were ok with that. I was brought back to the triage room to recover with some warm blankets. They told us to try and get some sleep, but that was pretty much impossible with our thoughts on Maia... not to mention the thin accordion-like walls and the stiff chair Gordon was supposed to get comfy in and fall asleep! Gordon checked on Maia again, but the doctors were still behind closed doors "working on her" is what he was told... but we eventually get about 1 or 2 hours of sleep. 

We are then told there's a room available for us on another floor... finally! Before we head over to our room, Gordon checks on Maia who is now in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). She is stable with an IV for her PGE heart meds and also has a breathing tube to help out with her breathing. She is officially 6lbs 13oz and 18 1/2 in long... she's a cutie! Even with all her accessories of tubes and wires attached, the first thing everyone seems to notice is her hair! It's extremely dark and thick, and there's a lot of it! 

Maia and Mommy
Mommy & Daddy with Maia

Maia and Daddy


  1. You did a wonderful job with your story. I really felt like I was right there. You guys are in my heart and prayers, love you Jill

  2. Great job! Found you on baby center. Good luck with your first ohs! Prayers for skilled hands guided by God to do the healing repair and work she needs to start her life! We're incomplete shones complex, first heart surgery at 7 days, post ohs almost 6wks and home 4wks and she's 3.5 months old! Stay strong, you can do all things


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