Friday, September 20, 2013

Banana Peel Patch 2.0

Getting a phone call and seeing "UCSF" in the caller ID any time of the day gets our hearts racing! Getting that phone call around midnight is just a lil more nerve racking! That's just what happened when we got a call from Maia's nurse Wednesday night. She called to let us know that the doctors have decided to reopen Maia's chest and it was all happening in a few minutes! They were having difficulty stabilizing her blood pressure and felt the best thing to do was open her chest again. The contraption they had made wasn't enough to raise her blood pressure... so now it feels like we're back to square one!

Banana peel patch 2.0

A couple of hours later, just after 2am, the nurse calls again to let us know that everything went well with no complications, and Maia again has her "banana peel patch" on her chest. I call again later that morning to check to see how she's doing and the nurse says she's doing great, much better than yesterday. She's responding well to getting her chest reopened and she's already opened her eyes and has been looking around. The nurse added that it seems like Maia just wasn't ready to have her chest closed because she's doing great now... which sounds good, but not really, since this is a step backwards in her recovery. Later that day when we arrive to see her, she's a bit swollen again and back on dialysis to help her get rid of fluids... again. For a change, there's not too much activity going on in her room though! She's still somewhat sedated to prevent her from moving around too much but once in a while, she opens her eyes to check out what's going on around her. Maia looks pretty good, considering everything she's been through, which sometimes amazes me because of all the tubes and lines attached to her, and the many times she's been pricked and poked, I just don't expect her to look good... but she's a fighter! The nurses always tell us that she tolerates everything so well and despite everything she's been through, she's still so cute! Of course, we totally agree because her cuteness is so hard to ignore! One of her nurses mentioned that the other nurses fight over her because they all want to be Maia's nurse! Every once in a while we'll see other nurses who've taken care of Maia before, pop into her room to see how she's doing and say hi to us.

Overall, we know that this is just the beginning of our roller coaster ride... there are many more ups and downs to survive! Tomorrow is a new day and a chance to move forward and be grateful for all the things we've been through, both positive and negative. It's sometimes hard to appreciate all the good things in life, but when you've survived so much in such a short amount of time, you learn to appreciate everything, including all the baby steps!... eventually, all the baby steps will add up! This is where we're meant to be now, and we'll get where we need to be sooner or later! God is good!

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