Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Craziness Has Begun!...

We are days away from meeting our baby girl and all the craziness has started! Unfortunately, part of all this chaos was the loss of Lola (Grandma) Henia. She was my dad's aunt, my great aunt, but she had love for everyone, so pretty much she was everyone's grandma. We saw her for the last time in the hospital on Sunday and it was very hard to see her struggle with each breath... but she's in a better place now, with all our other loved ones that have passed. For my own precautions, I had to wear a mask and make my visit somewhat of a quick one because another patient on the same floor had TB! It was uncomfortable and made my face hot and sweaty, plus it was not cute!... but it was necessary. So now along with everything else that's planned, we will also be attending a funeral sometime in the next few days... and that's how our week got started.

Today was also a busy one that started off with Kindergarten orientation. Marcus was so excited to be back in the school environment and see some familiar faces, along with many new ones. He even asked if he can come to school on Saturdays! Gordon smartly answered "Of course, when you get older and do very bad in school, you will have to come on Saturdays but I don't think it'll be any fun!" Aside from meeting the teacher we also met a few new families and even took a family photo. We scheduled our first meeting with the teacher and there's also some homework for the parents! The homework is more for me though since it's mostly filling out forms and I happen to have nice handwriting compared to Gordon, who cannot read his own writing! So Marcus is ready for this school year... and so are we!

Gordon was awake and laughing but wanted the pic to look dramatic!  
After orientation, we quickly dropped Marcus off at home with Papa (grandpa) and headed over to Kaiser for Gordon's cortisone shot for his back. It was a little confusing because they kept calling it "surgery" so we thought it was because they had to put him under anesthesia. Well it turned out that it was a shot... and I think we were in and out of there in less than 45 minutes! It turned out we were actually late, but in the end it didn't matter. They took his vitals, went over his medical history, his meds... and he was on his way. They asked me to come back into the room about 15 mins later and he was pretty much ready to go home! The nurse couldn't help but ask about the baby since I'm so obviously pregnant. We shared stories of Marcus and she was touched with our story of Marissa and Maia... plus all the craziness that's going on this week! But life goes on and so must we...

Both my brothers are here now... Russell aka "Jig" is here for a week from NYC and Rommel aka "Dada" is here from LA, but he's officially moving back home. Jig is also the best man at his friend's wedding while Marcus is the ring bearer. So they will be taking Marcus to the rehearsal and wedding, while we will be in the hospital! I wish them luck!... just kidding, Marcus is a good kid, but he's still a kid! I really do want to go to the wedding and anything is possible, but most likely I will be at the hospital, so I'm encouraging the hubby to go and have some fun!

So these are the last days of waiting... I will hopefully have a somewhat flatter looking stomach on Friday! Not likely, just some wishful thinking! I think I'm just hoping not to get asked when my baby is due, AFTER I've given birth! Anyway, I'm sure there will be other, more important things to think about by the end of this week! Right now I'm just thinking about stuff I might be forgetting... I do need to familiarize myself with my new breast pump! So excited... not really! Pretty soon it will be down to "hours"... I'll probably post something when I'm being induced and nothing is happening yet... so until then, think happy thoughts!



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  1. I am having butterflies in my stomach for all of you. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. Labor is never fun but seeing that sweet baby makes it worth it. YAY for Marcus starting school. I hope Gordon's back feels better now. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Maia.


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