Friday, July 19, 2013

To Shower or Not to Shower

Many people have asked us about having a baby shower... and we've decided not to have one. First of all, we were a lil bit traumatized after what happened last year. Flashback to G having back problems during Marcus' shower (2007). He could barely walk and had to sit in the corner for hours while everyone took turns talking to him like he was the Godfather! Then last year for Marissa's shower, he ended up breaking his right leg and ankle and spent most of the day in the ER! Receiving our amnio results just 3 days later with the lethal diagnosis was the icing on the cake! So that somewhat left a bitter taste in our mouths! Technically, this is our third baby, so I think we should know by now, what things we need and don't need. But then again, it seems like so much has changed when it comes to technology and style... all these new & improved things I could've used with Marcus five years ago! We're ok though, we have most of the essential baby items and anything else we'll get when we need it. Not having a shower this time did make me feel a bit guilty at first because I felt like we weren't celebrating this baby the way we should. It was hard enough in the beginning of the pregnancy, when I felt so uncomfortable announcing the news to people. I was excited but still nervous that something could happen, similar to last time, so I was hesitant to plan or buy anything, much less share the news. As of right now, most of Marissa's things are still in a big box, including gifts from her shower and random things that I couldn't resist buying at the time. Probably sometime in the next couple of weeks I plan to go through those items and see what we can use for Maia... it'll be like a gift from her big sister. I actually started buying things for the baby just recently, I think because I finally felt ok about buying things and not having to think about all the "what if's." But I think it's the procrastinator in me! Plus, we're expecting the baby to stay in the hospital for about the first month of her life, so I've avoided shopping for newborn sized clothing, since she will literally be topless while in the hospital! Woo hoo! But after surgery, I think she will mainly be accessorizing with some tubes and wires. The doctors and nurses did say we're allowed to dress her up in beanies, socks and legwarmers! I'm trying to avoid the color pink... I'm getting tired of seeing pink everywhere! I much prefer lavender, coral, or even yellow!
To be honest, I don't feel a shower is necessary for us this time around. I'm not as nervous about having a baby as I was before, and now it's for different reasons. I do feel bad about having to keep her away from family and friends for the first few months. So we're thinking about having some sort of celebration, after we get the ok from her doctor... maybe a meet the baby and christening party, all in one! So we'll see!

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