Sunday, July 21, 2013

Feeling Grateful...

I just wanted to thank everyone for their love and support! The blog has many views and I've received many compliments, both in person and by messages or emails! So please don't be shy and share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comment sections of the blog!! I'm excited to keep writing and updating as much as I can. Unfortunately, we're still in the middle of this waiting period... all the action and excitement will be in full swing once Maia is born, but for now time seems like it's both going in slow motion and fast forward, all at the same time! D-day (delivery day) will be here before we know it!... about 6 more weeks to be exact!

One thing I've been asked several times, is how to subscribe. The easiest way is to put your email in the "Follow By Email" section to the right of the blog. Click "Submit" and a small window will open asking you to verify a code. Then Click on "Complete Subscription Request" and an email will be sent to you. Check your email, then click on the link to "Activate the Subscription." You will then be sent an email whenever the blog is updated. I hope this helps.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying some great weather (at least in the Bay Area it's great!). For right now, we're just spending time with Marcus since these are his last days he'll have us all to himself! So as long as he's being a "good boy" we take him to parks or just leave the house with nothing planned, and see where we end up! So far it's worked out great and all the walking has taken the place of regular exercise for me! So until next time, make it a great day! =)

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  1. Hi Zsazsa! Glad to hear (read) that you're doing well and is very positive about everything. Just want to let you, Gordon, Marcus, and Maia, of course, that you're always included in my prayers now. God bless and let's hope for the best! Regards to the rest of the fam. JJ


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