Friday, October 16, 2015

1st Annual Heart of Maia Toy Drive - 2015

The 1st Annual Heart of Maia Toy Drive was both a success and definitely a learning experience! We did our best to stay organized while collecting as many toys as possible. We started out by asking businesses around our local area if they would like to participate. Since it was for a great cause, there was no hesitation and they were all ready and willing to help us out in any way they could!

The toy drive lasted for a month and we were busy the entire time! Special thanks once again to all our participants: 
Heff's Barbershop
Talbot's Toyland
Gold Medal Martial Arts - Foster City
Putnam Lexus

With our hand decorated collection boxes, we were able to collect a truck load of toys! We delivered them to the new UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital at Mission Bay on the afternoon of August 28, 2015, which was Maia's birthday eve. We loaded up our friend's truck (thanks Peter!) and headed over to San Francisco. 

We carefully made the drive to the hospital, careful not to damage the toys. We had previously contacted the Child Life Department to let them know when we would be making our drop off, and they graciously arranged for us to tour the new hospital and visit the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Once we arrived, we were greeted by Heather Craig from Child Life. Marcus was eager to unload the cargo and make the delivery so he quickly jumped up onto the truck to get things going! We then loaded the boxes full of toys onto red wagons and made our way into the hospital.

After our delivery was made, we took a quick tour of the hospital! We visited the areas that were of special interest to Marcus, of course. I think his favorite was the sensory lounge where the room is designed so kids are able to see, hear, and touch almost everything around them.

I think our favorite part was our visit to the Cardiac ICU... it's where Maia would've stayed during visits for any procedures and surgeries. Everything was so new and the technology was amazing! Plus, we got a chance to reunite with some of our favorite people, Maia's nurse Asunta, and unit coordinator, Ria!

Overall, our mission was accomplished. Toys were collected and delivered, which resulted in so many smiles!!... and it was all for a great cause in honor of our lil angel Mighty Maia!

Now it's on to the next!...

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