Friday, November 15, 2013

Little Changes...

This last week Maia has continued her slow and steady pace toward her recovery goals. Overall, she still has an uphill battle, but little by little she's been doing her part to get better. Her doctors are still sometimes hesitant to make any drastic changes, so we're all in agreement that the slow and gradual approach is the right way to go!

So within the last few days, Maia has been on what they consider "regular" formula (Enfamil). She had been on specialized formula with lower electrolytes, so that it was gentler on her kidneys. But she's made the transition to regular Enfamil formula and along with the vitamins, everyone can see what a difference it's making. The doctors and nurses have noticed that her wounds are healing much better now, since she's been getting the added calories and vitamins. Maia also had some stitches taken out from the exploratory laparotomy incision. Fortunately she slept through the whole experience, so hopefully she didn't feel a thing! But what's probably more noticeable to everyone is the chubbiness in her cheeks and also the double chin she's been sporting lately!
Maia showing off her chubby cheeks!

Maia also seems to have recovered from the bacterial infection from her breathing tube. Starting her early on antibiotics prevented anything serious from happening. She didn't even get a fever this time and they've already taken her off of the antibiotics. The doctors didn't want to keep her on them too long this time, for fear of her body becoming resistant to them and having them become ineffective. But Maia is showing no signs of any sort of complication from the infection... thank God!

About to get a kiss from big brother
Maia is also becoming more awake now. She's been sleeping a lot lately because they're slowly weaning her off of her pain meds. So day by day, she's been spending more time awake... which is nice for us because we love seeing her wide awake with her big dark brown eyes staring back at us! She's also back to her old ways... for her that means trying to grab and pull on her breathing tube again! So I think she'll be wearing her mittens more often now! We've also noticed that Maia's hair is growing longer and is starting to misbehave even more! Gordon tries to comb it everyday but many times her hair just does it's own thing!
Her "Pledge of Allegiance" pose on Veteran's Day
For the third week in a row, we didn't have our regular family meeting with Maia's team of doctors and nurses. This time it was because we weren't available because we had to be home early, so that Marcus and I could make rice krispy treats for his birthday, to share with his Kindergarten class
! So we were updated by Dr. Tabbutt, who didn't have much to say again... which is a good thing! Her main concern was whether or not to try to stop the peritoneal dialysis for 2 days and see how Maia reacts. She's been wanting to try this for the past week or so, but as I mentioned earlier, they've been hesitant to try anything too drastic because Maia has been doing very well lately! She said she's talked to the renal (kidney) doctors about it and they're all on board, it's just a matter of deciding when to do it. For right now they're thinking about trying this sometime next week, but of course nothing is ever set in stone so that could change.

Aside from our hospital life... Gordon and I are going to do a charity run called The Hot Chocolate Run San Francisco. It will be on Sunday, January 12, 2014 and benefits the local Ronald McDonald House of San Francisco. It's a great charity that creates, finds and supports programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children. During Maia's stay at UCSF, we've met several families who have stayed at the Ronald McDonald House. Housing is just one of the extremely important services they provide for families that come from miles away to get help for their kids who are being treated at UCSF. So we'd like to do our part in helping this great cause. I will be running the 15K (9.3 miles) and Gordon will be running the 5K (3.1 miles). We are also making shirts for anyone that would like to run with us, and we are looking for sponsors or donations to help make this happen. Anyone can participate by running either the 5K or the 15K. There are no age restrictions, so children can also participate. We predict it to be a cold and foggy morning, but we all get to drink some yummy hot chocolate after the run! Hope to see you there!

For more information click on the following link
 Hot Chocolate 15/5k San Francisco.


  1. She's such a champ! We cotinue to pray for little Maia and you all!!!love you guys!

  2. My friend Alex from Michigan turned me on to this lovey little girl what an inspiration...


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