Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another Hurdle...

After several days of being stable, we came across another hurdle yesterday... Maia's white blood cell count was elevated, which indicated that something was up. Although the doctors weren't sure exactly what it was, they gave her some antibiotics. Other than that, Maia looked good and was even sucking on a pacifier! I didn't think that was possible since she has a breathing tube in the way. The nurse just moved the breathing tube to the side and was able to fit the pacifier in her mouth... and Maia seems to like it, she may even love it! She can't hold onto it herself though so after a few minutes it falls out of her mouth. She's been sucking on the breathing tube for quite a while now so to finally suck on something else probably made her really happy! 

Maia and her pacifier

Giving me the evil eye as I position the pacifier!

Then yesterday, we arrived at the hospital to find out that Maia was indeed fighting a bacterial infection that was in her blood and also has caused some fluid in her lungs. After finding this out, they changed her antibiotics and gave her another type which covered a broader spectrum. However they had to put another IV on her since the other IV would have too much going through it. Maia's been poked so many times that they really didn't want to run another IV on her arms or legs, so they tried to put one on her head. In the process of trying this, they had to shave some of her hair off! So Maia had her first "haircut" yesterday! The nurses were nice enough to save the hair for us!... She has so much hair though, I really didn't notice until they pointed it out! They also put her back on some heart meds, epinephrine and dopamine, which they had taken her off of a few days before. They aren't sure where exactly the bacterial infection originated from, but since there is some fluid in her lungs, the doctors think she may have some kind of pneumonia. They're hoping that the antibiotics will do it's job and take care of the infection, so we'll see... just another thing to check on day by day! She was mostly asleep yesterday while we were there so we didn't get to interact with her too much. Hopefully today she'll be awake. I called the nurse this morning to get an update and Maia is doing good this morning so far. All the adjustments made yesterday afternoon regarding the infection seems to be working so no changes were made during the night and she's been stable. We're really hoping this infection doesn't get any worse... she's been doing pretty good up until yesterday. So we'll see what happens. It's been hard for the doctors to predict anything, so we're all pretty much on a day to day basis, when it comes to progress and her recovery...  

Everyday is a new day, another chance to make it a good day!

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